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Ajax Contracting LLC, Electrical & HVAC Contractors


Throughout the years Ajax Contracting professionals have involved in numerous projects in the DC metropolitan region. We have extensive experience with light commerical HVAC and electrical work.

Spring 2014

Universal Stones warehouse RTU installation, Warrenton, Virginia

Spring/Summer 2013

Universal Stones warehouse electrical renovation & equipment installation, Warrenton, Virginia

Spring/Summer 2012

Saint John the Apostle Roman Catholic Church, Leesburg, Virginia

Winter 2011

Gaslight Square condominium,Arlington, Virginia

Spring/Summer 2011

National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation HQ building, Dulles, Virginia

Fall/Winter 2010

Patriot High School, Nokesville, Virginia

Summer 2010

U.S. Dept. of Interior, Washington, District of Columbia

Spring 2010

Yorktown High School, Arlington, Virginia

Summer/Winter 2009

United Therapeutics Corp. HQ building, Silver Spring, Maryland

Summer/Fall 2008

Lifetime Fitness, Sterling, virginia

Spring 2008

Dulles South Community Center, South Riding, virginia